Carol Lester the BUBBLE QUEEN™ (50% Done)

An interactive TV Show/Live Show/Video Game  & Cartoon Series

THE BUBBLE QUEEN SHOW is designed to entertain and educate toddlers to early elementary school children with Crafty Sayings, Music & Bubbles! It just works! This show may evolve into a costume character show & cartoon series, launch toys, new songs by Carol AND maybe even new musical soloists and/or bands who use the name "Bubble Pops™".

            Bubble Music Celebrations captivate the creative, playful aura of Babies, Toddlers, Pre K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade children.  Carol Lester is a seasoned, award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress and an Educator. In her high School/college years Carol was a rock star on-the-rise and recorded 2 full albums.  She fell in love with a brilliant man who was also a professor, and they married and had a child. Carol took a “break” from performing to start raising their daughter. In the process she started to sing traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies with her piano and guitar, but with a unique “flare”!   

            Carol’s art became in-demand among her piers and she was soon hired to do this for  small and large groups alike. In the midst of this new musical direction, she was also became the Vice President of her City’s Board Of Education! Carol noticed the fascination children had with the interaction of percussion instruments and “Bubble Wands”! She wrote the song “Bubbles Everywhere” and it became a “hit”. Carol released a self-produced album titled “ABC Sing With Me: Sing-A-Long”. When she met Professor Musial she asked him to produce her second album for this age group “Lullabies”. Musial attended some of her live shows and experienced the “Bubble Fascination” and said that she was like a “Bubble Queen”.
   Prof. Musial is now producing her third album in this style titled “The Bubble Queen”. Six shows have been filmed with multiple cameras (at least one in Ultra HD) at this time with enough footage for a 2 hour documentary ready for editing! Carol Lester Mentors the Next Generation of Actors and Musicians by encouraging Creative expression with musical interaction at all of her live shows, as well. By nurturing a group called the "Royal Bubble Pops™", consisting of 2 girls and 2 boys middle school aged, who assist her with singing and "hosting" the shows, we could be launching the "Next" "Musketeers" or "Spice Girls" or "New Kids On The Block" by escalating them to One World Artists Management, Smart Trax and Skate Dance Records if they show charisma! Maybe a "Sesame Street" meets "Mister Rogers" meets "Galloping Gourmet" show is made by inviting in regular guests like Brady as an acting coach, the King Fish Man as an "Outdoors" coach and even the "Wacky Chef" as a healthy kids food segment?  All sing!  Hmm?

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