Timmy Cudmore The KING FISH MAN™   (50% complete)

Timmy Cudmore is simply NUTS about fishing and writing songs and playing music about it! This show demonstrats through wilderness humor and wacky songs: how to fish! We see Timmy talk about the inspirations for the songs at the actual streams and frozen ponds,  in the beautiful land of green gables; Prince Edward Island, Canada. The show also ventures to Trout Town USA in the majestic Catskill Mountains of New York State, the land of "Twist and Trout" in Malibu, CA and deep sea fishing in the Yachinting Paradise of North America: Fort Lauderdale and Key West, Florida. This crazy, zany reality series shows Timmy teaching all ages about fishing and music! Duck Dynasty Fans Watch Out!

            In 2007 his son BRADY was honored by his school, (his home and school were surrounded by potato fields in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada), to make a special High School Senior trip to NYC. It was to explore Broadway Shows and by one very rare chance, Brady received a full artists management, production and recording deal! This included the installation of a home recording studio. Timmy observed Prof. Musial install the system, and teach his brilliantly talented son him how to use it.

            One day in January 2013 Brady received a very odd, even mystical email from his Dad. (Timmy to Brady’s knowledge, did not use email much nor record at all.) It was a message that said something like “listen to the mp3” which was attached. In summary it was the song “King Fish Man” which challenged his other son to try to catch more Trout than Dad this year! Hmm?  It was very comical with great drums, guitars and bass and a “scratchy” but sincere lead vocal. Hmm, could this be my Dad? But how? Why? Really?  Giggle!  Dad learned from his son how to record. The older son “Ryan” posted a message on Facebook due to serious “cabin fever”, with several feet of snow and a desire to go fishing, he put up “Here Fishy Fishy”! Timmy saw it and it gave birth to the silly song idea, and he recorded it in Brady’s home studio. Brady was now in NYC working on his third solo album with a multitude of producers, and jamming in a band with Prof Musial’s college students.  When Prof. Musial heard it, after the initial shock and the glow with joy because he has helped to teach yet one more the art of Music Technology, he said “oh my god” this is like the next “Duck Dynasty®”! He immediately connected his NYC area “SkyRoom Studio” to the “cloud”, and retrieved the individual instrument tracks, and proceeded to enhance the song. He added a real Sax buy Joey Arminio, some keyboard parts and Carol Lester the Bubble Queen, added her amazing backup vocals, and PRESTO: KING FISH MAN is Hatched!

            Professor Musial has produced 3 Full Albums and several singles with now about 50 songs in the King Fish Man Catalog. He has also produced about a dozen silly music videos & some serious music videos like:
His newest is "JOAN WULFF THE FLY FISHING LEGEND" will be released soon!
Brady learned a great deal about music by watching his Dad as a boy.
Timmy is a MENTOR because he taught his children & wife and now his grand daughter to FISH!

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