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Smart Trax® is an award winning positive message media company, which has launched the careers of many young performers, under the direction of the uniquely gifted and philanthropically Prof David Musial. This NextGen Stars show will focus on the MENTORSHIP experiences which this show has given to America for over 20 years. The video library is extensive which includes shows in all kinds of schools from 50 to 1,000 students, in Roller Rinks, in Sports Arena's, on Aircraft Carriers, in Disney in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon and more!

            Smart Trax® was founded by Professor David Musial (without realizing yet) in 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time. He was in a classroom at NYU teaching. He had just left some friends in the PATH subway station and they went to the WTC stop. They were underground when the bomb exploded. Fortunately, with minor injury, they survived. When David returned to his home and "SkyRoom Studios" that eve, the lights were all turned off for the Twin Towers. This seemed very weird, it was both strange and eerie. For years out of his bedroom window every night, he saw these powerful Towers aglow! David was inspired to write a poem about his feelings which evolved into a song. He titled it "EARTHQUAKE" because they made the Earth Quake when the bomb went off, they made the Twin Towers "shake" and they took MANY LIVES. It was recorded by teens and he was told to send it to the White House because the First Lady Hilary Clinton, was seeking musical works by young Americans that was related to anti-violence. Musial spoke with five agents in the White House and they all suggested that he sends a copy of the song. He did, and Prof. David Musial received a kind letter from President Clinton acknowledging the song. This led to the producing of the song "Spread Peace All Over The World". It was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary in the Grand Fireworks Ceremony. This was the "birth" of the awareness of Positive Message music and the seed which planted SMART TRAX!

           In 1998 Prof. Musial was commissioned by the United States Department of Education, to create the theme song to a major anti-violence campaign for high school students in America. The project was guided by the National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE) and funded by the Recording Industry Association of America, (RIAA). It went platinum on day one! It was titled "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND, Stop The Violence". The campaign earned an Emmy Award & a Silver Cindy Award for MTV.  In 2000 Musial was invited by the U.S. Dept.  of Justice DEA in Buffalo, NY, to create the theme song for their "Red Ribbon Rally" with 16,000 middle school children in attendance.  In 2004 it won first place for New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs contest and then was performed as theme song at their national convention  NYC! Smart Trax performed for 10,000 teens at The "Smart-T-Jamboree" in 2000 and 12,000 teens in 2001 at the Garden State Art Center. In 2009 Smart Trax performed in the HALL OF HEROS in the PENTAGON. In 2010 the U.S. Department of Justice Presented Prof. Musial a very rare award for "Promoting Positive Messages Through Music" after he produced a show with 5 college age performers in the national headquarters of the D.E. A. for the 25th Anniversary of the "Red Ribbon Anti Drug Rally". The mass of agents represented the Youth of America! In 2011 Professor Musial produced "PROJECT ELEVEN". He invited 11 high school and college aged musical acts to create original songs to say "Thank You" to Soldiers who either Lost or Risked their lives since 9/11/01. He launched it on 11/11/11 "Veterans Day" and produced a concert which was broadcast on nation SIRIUS XM Radio from the flight deck of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the NYC Harbor on Memorial Weekend 2012.

Professor Musial's Smart Trax Project was endorsed by the Jersey City Board of Education, The NY State Parent Teacher's Association and the leading academic publisher in the industry "SCHOLASIC". Music Technology College Curriculum won Second Place in America for being "Most Innovative" by the Best Colleges Program.


"Thank your for your kind gift"
First Lady Laura Bush 2008
White House
"Manny & Joy will 
Jean Hill, ABC TV

These two singers (Brady & Christina) came in and they were OUTSTANDING, they 

I look forward to seeing them at our next graduation.

Pat Higgins, United States Marshal's Service
"GREAT" Graduation, Jersey City 6/5/09

Brady Cudmore is a  "Teen Sensation"
Buffalo News, June 2009

"It was great having Smart Trax here"
It was not the "typical' show the D.E.A. has. The energy and enthusiam 
they brought for the passion that they have for their performance, GOT to the people!

Eric Akers, Head of the Demand Reduction Office 
2010 National Convention for the Red Ribbon Rally
Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Department of Justice by the PENTAGON"

"You Rock My World!"
I hope you do become a star and achieve your dream!
6/5/09 Jersey City "G.R.E.A.T" show (Brainychick email via YouTube)

"I have NEW FRIENDS in Smart Trax!  AMAZING"
Col. Michael Kessler, National Executive Director, The Young Marines

Col. Joseph Bles, Inspector General, The Young Marines

"Thank you for your assistance and commitment to making the 
2009 D.A.R.E. Spring Training Conference a 

received from the conference participants was largely due to your dedication,
knowledge and ENTHUSIAM. We were fortunate to have you and your students 
(BRADY & CHRISTINA) as performers at the conference
and look forward to continuing the effort to help children live
Nicholas R. DeMauroChairman & CEO

Award Winning Smart Trax Media