If a picture says a thousand words, a note says a million! Think about it? You rent a car and turn on the radio and a strange station is on... within a few beats, even a second of sound, and you might recognize a song from 10, 15, even 20 years ago or more... and you start to sing it, (as best you can.) You reflect on memories related to it back in time. Well this show knows this and also knows that these toddlers are having their viewpoints on life formed by the sounds of today, and they will run our world tomorrow!  There are countless children's entertainers, and the NextGen Team of highly skilled experts will audition and qualify feature quality acts, for the extremely busy parents of today to enjoy knowing that we did the hard work for them! 

Award winning, Gold & Platinum status Professor David Musial grew up watching cartoons every Saturday, and dreamed of making Music for Cartoons someday with synthesizers...(the equivalence of the animated colors the visuals project in cartoons.) His earliest memories of Music was that from a little cream colored translucent toy church his Mom gave him at Christmas, which played the carol "Silent Night". He still has this Christmas decoration today. David played music in churches since he was just 10 year on age. He scored music for a project that was designed to be turned into a cartoon for PBS TV when he was 27. Professor Musial studied the Psychology of Music at the world renowned Juilliard School of Music under full graduate academic sponsorship based on his PBS TV Score! David met his Music Technology mentor Dr. Bob Moog on several occasions and eventually inspired the "Student Division of the Bob Moog Foundation". Musial then produced an album with a composer from "Sesame Street™" for Warner Bros. Records. David then scored music for the cartoon series called "The Toysters", just after he completed his Doctoral studies at NYU. David then met Loni Farhi, the owner of an international TV distribution company for cartoons, and not did David score music for his cartoons, Loni turned David into a Cartoon Character called "Rick" the Leader of the Baydogs! Wow,

            David's animation dreams really did come true! "Dr. D" went on to score over a dozen cartoons and video games and most recently produced the cartoon character voices for the new "flag-ship" game "The MAD SCREEN BOX", the for the world's first 4K Ultra HD Video Game Portal!  In the process Musial worked on over 100 records, played thousands of live services, performed with a Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded albums for Broadway Shows, produced concerts for over 10,000 children at anti-drug rally’s, won Professor-Of-The-Year 3 Times at NYU, his Music Technology Curriculum #2 in the Nation as "Most Innovative", along with the President of MTV, Musial won the 2014 Buffalo Music Hall-Of-Fame Award and after he produced concerts in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, and his anti-violence song won an Emmy Award for the U.S. Department of Education for MTV, the United States Department of Justice Presented David a Life-Time Achievement award for Promoting Positive Messages to the Youth of America and beyond. PHEW!

It looks like David knows how to design and select...